Structure design

By using the laser cut, I created a 3D structure design with my logo “Blends”. I tried to make simple and unique, so I made it looks like a small stand that is not heavy with two layers of MDF light wood.

I spray painted it with gold and coloring the corners with black to follow the identity.


Final outcome

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Each of them has different concept depending on the facial expressions. For example, this one I look like I’m wondering, exploring, questioning, so I reflect the idea on the package. As you see, it’s somehow complicated and have 2 boxes inside which it shows many thoughts come to my mind when I’m wondering or questioning.



Another example is that when I’m angry, I used sharp edges package with straight and non-straight lines to support the facial expression on it and I think it works well.




I chose the second ideas to go with, I felt it was more creative and I was more interested about it. As you see, using the pencil tool I drew my face expressions when I am irritated, happy, think, surprised and ponder. I actually enjoyed the process I couldn’t get bored. After I finished the illustrations I added colors to clarify it more. For instance, I added red, yellow and orange to the illustration when I’m irritated and so on..

Project 2 : Poetic


Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.29.45 AM


For this project I had two ideas, the first one is to make packages similar to the Matrooshka dolls which contains many dolls inside her that reflects her personality from the colors variety and the patterns drown on her. The second idea was make different packages forms that reflects my personality throughout the shapes and illustrations of my face.