Basically, final project was so fun for me because we got the choice of doing whatever we want. I chose creating characters 1D, because I feel like I have potential/possibilities of creating a developing my characters more. It was my favorite project because they didn’t force us to do something we don’t want or like, but they gave us freedom of choice. It really was a challenging for me to create a new characters, it takes me three weeks just to think about the design and how it will works well, I struggled a little bit with illustrator I wasn’t imagined that every characters will take this long but in the end when I see the result I feel so proud about my self of doing a characters in such a small period of time. I learnt a lot in this project, and the first thing is that to challenge my-self and to put in mind that, put an effort of whatever I want it to be and it will be.


Self-Reflection & Final outcome



Throughout this project I have learnt a lot about not only myself but with working with others. Having done the activity previously of being put into external and internal groups really benefited me while working on this project. It made it much easier to communicate with my group members as I felt that we were all on the same level and wanted portray the exact message in our pictures. Although the process took a while it was interesting to see the final result as it was not what we expected, personally I feel that by taking these photographs I not only developed my skills but understood and appreciated the beauty of the visuals as well. During the process of taking the sky photographs I learned a lot about how timing can play an important role in how the sky would look, this is what made our final outcome most interesting.

The most difficult aspect of this project I have faced was probably in the beginning as I was confused and lacked the knowledge of how we were supposed to accomplish this visual representation. Working with my group and communicating really helped me understand the project more as they were very supportive. I never liked working in groups as I thought I was not good at it but after this project I learned a lot about myself, I learned that sometimes working in groups can actually help me in developing a project more sufficiently and working in groups will also help me in the future as I will be put with different people and I need the skills in order to work well with them. Overall, this project was very enjoyable, I learned a lot about visual deconstruction /joinery.


Since we all decided that we want a digital outcome, we create a document on illustrator and each one of us worked on it more than once. Each one of us has his won point of view, we compromised and we discussed all the decisions that each individual made in the poster. By the time that we finished, we checked that all the measurements are correct and we sent it to blink so that the print it on (A0) paper, and here were the struggles began…

Since all of our images are very high resolution, the file size was HUGE! Every time they wanted to print it would take about 7 minutes and the printer would cancel the order because their printer can’t handle such a huge file.. Thank god that we were done with our poster 2 days before the deadline that gives us the chance to handle any issues that we might face.

So we took our file and we went to Xerox with our hope high that we will print the poster by today and we will be the first to hang, since all of our classmates are struggling and still working on it. And the same sad story happened again… our file was so big that he couldn’t print it, so we sit altogether thinking and discussing about how are we going to fix this issue. Since we printed our imaging poster using the printer in GDES printing room, we decided to try to print there by our self because we already know how to print and how to use that printer.

Color matching

Working with the group we distributed the work into sections. When looking at the concept of color matching we wanted to portray a visual image showing different shades of the same scene. The process was done in stages as well, for example the sky was taken throughout 3 different days during day light at distinct times i.e during sunset, the afternoon, and when it was cloudy. This wasn’t done intentionally but we were rather happy with the effect as it gave more depth to our image portraying different times of the day where we normally would be standing outside.








During the process


After we photographed the roof and searched for inspirations, we divided our work equally so that each one of us will work with the same thing and will have the same amount of work. We wanted to create something different from the others, and we focused on how to make this poster interesting. We all agreed that the organized work is somehow boring, so we decided to do it differently and to play with images and trying to create a scene that is somehow like illusions more than sticking the images next to each other to get the right view.

Since we have our images printed, we started to connect them, play with them and experimenting before starting the actual final poster. We all believe that the more we experiment with different placements, the better. And it was amazing because when we did the middle part, the ground, we actually liked it a lot and we decided to do the same thing with our final outcome.



Before we worked, we did some research and we looked up for some inspirations. We wanted to collect ideas and then developing what we liked so that we can own the new idea.

Here are some of COOL inspirations that we found online:


Photography | Location |

In the second day of that project, we were having an inside trip in order to look for a specific location and start separating the location into parts in order to give each group. we didn’t knew the place, and to be honest? it’s more useful not knowing the place in order not to map and start over thinking about it. so we went to a specific place, which is the ceremony in education city. the place were divided for each group, in the very first photos the security came in and start saying that it’s not allowed… so we left the place going to another, we went to vcuq’s roof. The place is wide, we were actually happy and satisfied for our side since it’s more nature than the other groups, they were more into electric/ machines and wires. our place is more about sky, buildings and instructions… we thought of choosing a specific place in order to focus on, and take many photos of it… to give the sense (sound and how it feels) in the final poster. the view wasn’t 360 degree but only our right and left/up/front side. We bought 3 cameras for each person with the same lens (fish eye)… because after that we want to complete each other.
After taking lots and lots of pictures we had a meeting where we can share ideas and look for each others picture. and off-course we can;t just imagine unless we experiment because in order to become a designer you have to experiment as much and as diverse as you can.. in order to be satisfied with the final outcome.

Final Poster & Self-Reflection


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 10.50.59 AM


Final critique:

  • Give space in the room. For examples, some students make boxes and it was so …
  • The sentences are too small.
  • Drop shadow: it’s annoying and it’s not necessary and it’s bothered.
  • My poster was so symmetrical and I have to break up the rules, that was not interesting maybe because I follow the grid.
  • My type was too large and I have to fix it.
  • Break the idea of the grid.
  • The drop shadow of the plate hiding the paragraph somehow so I have to bull it up.
  • The logo was littlie large
  • Basma gave me a really nice suggestion to put the sentence behind each other, and I think it will work well.
  • Change the placement of the Arabic paragraph.



  • We break the rules because of the concept.
  • There’s always a concept and there’s always a reason!
  • Concepts trans everything, concept is the thing that allows me to move in to doing the formal thing. It’s that articulation of contrast so the concept is contrast.
  • It’s all about concept because when we first doing this we just pushing type around the page trying to figure out what’s going on! But once we figure out going on and try to anccur it with.
  • Whenever we get staked for ideas just come with a concept because that is the first limitation. (Limitation is a thing that allows me to build from).
  • As so as I figure out the concept it becomes so much easier. Because system built from concept.
  • What I like about sentences is that, it’s easy to control, like we don’t have to think about the rags and it’s more to keep up with but with the paragraph we can be less worried about the empty spaces of the paper. (There’s a given take)
  • Contrast in the page to make it interesting, contrast is important, it’s much more important to contrast with the paragraph and it’s easy more than with the sentences.
  • Contributing all the previous knowledge.
  • Don’t be afraid to break the rules.
  • The last project was challenging, and not hard.
  • Negative space always a good space.
  • We have to always think about how to control the audience. ( hierarchy).
  • Poster mechanic (hierarchy)
  • The hock are first, it’s important than everything.


Final Critique


  • Because my paragraph is small it can fir in the plate area. I could coloring the sentences or paragraph but I have to chose color from something relates to the poster but I have also to make sure not to grab the attention too much to itself like probably a red and I don’t want the audience to grabs their attention except the hock.
  • The way I’m handling my sentences is actually quite interesting. So I could start from up and go to the brownies and I can put it in a little box but I actually didn’t like boxes I feel it’s bothering.
  • The paragraph it could be over the flowers or I could put type around the beginning of the paragraph I couldn’t do like this because that would compete with that and it conflx with this too much.
  • The paragraphs works really good. I already work in a smart way as low said because I already alien it the area that I could put information in so it actually starts underneath here …..
  • The problem was I wasn’t working on A1 the size of the actual poster.
  • Logo: it could be half that size 1.5 cm, and it should be black and white. I can put it somewhere down and it could live up and it could fit in somewhere that sort of dynamic.
  • I don’t want to grab the attention. If it’s big it will grab too much attention and I don’t want it to be like that.