Final Outcome & Self-Reflection

This project is different than most projects I have done; it was an interesting experience because my design has a combination of basic physics that I took in school and Typography. In my opinion that my sign communicated the idea of risk and I have seen lots of students walking in the corridor and experimenting with the game. The font outline was very clear and readable. The areas that I would have liked to improve in my design was adding colors or perhaps texture to the wood stand and the handle of the hook.



  • If I have a different version of my sign I would add color or perhaps texture to the wood stand and to the handle.
  • Experimentation
  • Take your time to experiments and not stick with one idea.
  • Good opportunities to pose with different materials and wood shop.
  • If something did not work, try to do something else.
  • Time management is the key to success, and get thing done on time.
  • The time actually was not enough, maybe if we had more time we could perform better.
  • We end-up with a really beautiful/creative signs.


Connecting the wires

While putting the electrical wires together it was very hard to keep them still to provide the flow of currency. This required several experimentation in order to make it work. This made me change some of the elements in my project such as my laser cut pattern and changing the light bulb into a buzzer. This part was so challenging, I enjoyed combining the wires and soldering, that was quite interesting and thank God it works eventually.


I wasn’t imagined that this part of the project would be the funniest part. I really enjoyed working in the wood shop, I learned a lot of staff such as sanding and how to cut the wood with the shape you want, it was challenging and successful at the same time.


The struggle that I have faced is working with thick wire because it is very hard curving it and creating the Typeface I have in mind. I tried, as much as I can to follow a typeface to look net but dealing with wires are so hard. I did a lot of experiments with a different sizes and I think none of them works well. :p


Changing the idea + Finding materials

The materials that I needed I couldn’t find available in bookshops like Jarrir so I needed to look for an industrial material shop. So I took as much material that available that I need for the experimenting. I checked the function of elements such as the buzzer and the current shock if it works according to what I have in mind.

The thing that I was worried about is the wire. It’s the first time for me working with wires, and as you know there’s different types of wires I get two from the shop that would work with the buzz but I did not test it yet and I was not sure if it will work or not!



My inspiration came from my childhood’s favorite game Wire Buzz. I used to play this game in carnivals and if I won the challenge I would get the teddy bear. Where the risk that use to face me to achieve my goal was not hitting the wire with the hook. In the beginning I started to think about how I could perform the idea. The first step was thinking about the tools and how could I get it.

Project 2: Signage


In the beginning of this project, we went to the Fab Lab and Wood Shop, which were interesting. We get the opportunity to explore the materials in different ways; it actually helped us to think more depth in order to make the decision. I wasn’t actully choosed the word yet but when I looked at those beautiful materials I was so excited to start the project.

While looking through the list for words and reading there definitions, the words “risk” caught my interest; so I decided to research in depth synonyms and phrases that is connected to the word risk. The definition of risk is “The act or fact of doing something that involves danger or risk in order to achieve a goal.”

Final outcome & Self-Reflection

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After going through my research procedure I am pleased with my final outcome specially that I have experimented several design sheets and what I think in my point of view is that the features that I included are the most suitable for my book. The book has features such as the margin of the page that is made specially to meet my design requirements. The measure of the lineament of text includes the usage of 55 characters, which has work very will with the outcome of my design.

The continuous space leading in my design is 12pt which have been changed because the spacing between each line of the narrow. This affects the display of the text and its clarity.




My illustrations that I provide are very symbolic and provides per sized information for the viewer. The addition of small details such as an arrow presents the information clearly and guides them to the focal point of each image. The addition of the color red that occurred in several illustrations indicated importance and emphasized on it meaning.