Zine (Reflection)

First, we had to choose a topic that we are interested in, the first thing that came to my mind are horses. Since I’m very interested in Arabian horses I chose my zine to be about The Beauty of Arabian Horses.

Creating a persona helped me to focus on a specific topic for my zine. For example, my persona was a Qatari rich man who is passionate about Arabian horses, he was a horse rider and now he owns horses. So, I focused on the beauty of Arabian horses in terms of creation. We had also to create a mood board, which actually helped me a lot to choose the color pallet, type, pictures and patterns so I had a picture of what the zine would look like.

I chose my zine to be in Arabic to keep up with design and because my topic about Arabian horses I wanted to make it easy for my personas/audience to browse. I’m not that person who love to work by hands, so working away from the computer wasn’t a good idea “for me”. I prefer to work digitally, it saves a lot of time but in this project I used my hand 100%, it gets me nervous somehow but it helped me to think and see things in different perspective.

For the papers material I chose a “newspaper material” thin paper, which is a combination of recycled matter and wood pulp, and is not intended to last very long.  I want it to look like an old zine that actually Arabs use it for daily browsing.