W5:P2: Progress


For my project I have gathered information through surveying. The survey had general questions about the different types of coffee preferences in addition to how he/she usually feels in terms of mood.

Moving on, I have illustrated these distinctive coffee illustrations that represent the personalities and characteristics of people based on the type of coffee he/she drinks

Moreover, I have also emphasised the appearance in terms of attire/clothing of the person and linked it with the type of coffee they drink. For example, the man in the dark blue jacket drinks black coffee and is seen as moody, straightforward, and talkative.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 5.03.00 PM

However, I have faced some minor problems that could affect the data collected which was searching for different age groups. I couldn’t easily find adults ranging from 30 to 50, other than that, the survey was straightforward and simple.

In the Illustration part, finding colors that represent the personality was quite challenging because there were similarities in the characteristics


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