W5: P1+P2 Reflection

  • Despite I faced some difficulties in my first and second projects, I ended up with stimulating stuff. The first and second projects are related to each other, wherein both of them included investigations, observations and learning about different performances of people in coffee shops. Gradually, the topic I chose became more interesting to me and I had a feeling that I am an actual graphic designer. The direction I chose satisfied me because of the following reasons: its an interesting topic, people would engage to my projects because they both comprise them, and most importantly, people will be concerned in selecting the type of coffee they drink.
  • I learned to be confident about myself and abilities when it comes to choosing my topic. In addition, I learned how to deliver my message to public through my creativity of the design. My following step is to continue on the same level, strengthen other abilities and to continue my journey on observing, investigating and exploring more about people habits in coffee shops.

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