Final outcome & Self-Reflection

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This project in my own opinion was very self-representative, and allowed me to create something I was passionate about. Seeing ideas which started off as a thoughts in my mind and looking at them now developed and physically done, I feel proud and pleased. My concept shows my own personal style and way of thinking. This project helped me grow as a Graphic Designer as well and be able to bring my ideas to life. I learned a lot through the course of this project, I learned how to create coherence and unity in my design and how to take decisions. I engaged with my ideas and truly felt excited about my overall design.

When Levi & Maryam introduced the project I feel excited of having my own business idea and making it happen. The process was successful, I learned how to make a decision and if the first idea didn’t work I go to the second one. I was always thinking about my mistakes I’ve done before and try to figure out the difficulties I faced for this project. I learned how to come up with the system (identity system) and this helped me to not go out from the idea ambit, for example my color pallet and the logo. However, I also learned that a system could be shown through different variation such as through the design, type and colors.

At the end, I am very blessed with the outcomes and I feel very grateful of taking this opportunity to build my thinking style of system.



I created a package for a small cake which will be sold in my café, with the grey and gold dominant colors for its packaging. I wanted the concept to be displayed in my packaging therefor I included the wall graphics into the packaging.

Wall graphics & Business cards

Wall graphics


Business cards

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The wall graphics use the same systematic design of the original Hall of Mirror, which show a large design with surrounding small elegant details on the sides. I was inspired by this way of organization and created my own design with the same system of placing a large design in the middle and having small details on the sides. The business card has a small repeated logos in a faded color to enhance the original bold logo.

Menu & Coasters


Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.43.31 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.43.03 PM



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The menu I created is a small stand on the table, and the background is all mirrors to be in coherence with the hall of mirrors. I laser cut my design which was originally inspired by the existing patterns of the Hall of Mirrors. I took three existing patterns and manipulated them into the menu design. The coasters in my design are based on the menu with the mirror as the base, with the laser cut design layer over it.

Startup ideas…

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As I was starting up my ideas I created 2D graphics for my café which include wall graphics, coasters and the business card. Then I designed 3D designs which are the menu and the packaging. After looking at all the typefaces I narrowed it down to one typeface which is “Edwardin”, which matches the elegance that my café reflects. In terms of my logo I was inspired by the balcony design in the hall of mirrors, and that was what drew me to creating the M shaped logo with touches of my own creations.

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Color scheme

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In terms of the colors I have chosen to place in my café, I wanted them to represent the colors used in French renascence as well as elegant calm colors to put the guest in a peaceful and relaxing state. The two dominant colors in my café are the grey and gold, because gold symbolizes power and wealth and grey plays in contrast with the gold to give it more of an accent.


Mood Boards & The Concept

I have created two mood board to represent the theme of my café. My mood boards create a sense of calmness for the viewer, and are both coherent in terms of colors. My concept is creating a café for afternoon tea, the reason behind this is because the location includes large gardens as a view from the inside. The inside of my café has mirrors that reflect the beautiful scenery of the gardens outside. The café has a sense of bring the outdoors in. the person sitting in this café would feel at one with nature, and experience not only the historical aspect of this place but also the beauty of the interior.

Final outcomes & Self-reflection


  • The caption of this particular strike has been captured to act as the focal element in the poster. Using the light as my tool, I started to provide definition to the storks that indicate firmness and confidence. The variation in the thickness of the light strokes shows the type of movement that I have been doing. I wanted this kind of movement to be similar with the idea of the speed of the thunderstorm. In addition to the light color, I’ve made sure that the light that I had was white to contrast the background and to symbolize the thunder lines. The ball has stopped in the midway of the goal to be realistic about the limits of the goal net. I made sure that all the elements in the poster to have balanced proportion to show a good distribution overall.
  • The variation of strokes that I have included such as smoke and line came from the inspiration of a matchstick box. Where the speed of the friction that happens between the surface and the wood stick leads to the appearance of smoke. This made me try to bring it forward and provide this pattern in the action of the player kicking the ball.
  • I maintained the corporation identity by using the color white, which refers to the Qatar’s flag, Qatar football team and the color of the typeface of 2022.
  • The client wanted lots of players in the poster but I just used one because I didn’t need all of them in my design. The caption that I had was very important and each individual member in the team represents all of them.
  • The last critique I had with the client she evident the improvement I have made in my design and she approved the changes that she required me to do.
  • The project was so big, and I consider it as a great opportunity to work with the clients.



  • I have faced several difficulties to reach to the result I wanted. After doing this practice around 80 times I have chose the best out of them. Some of them had problems in the lighting of the scene itself and some had problems with the light I used to draw with, it was either not continues bright or the strokes I have done wasn’t suitable.