Pop-up book – Reflection

We started up by visualizing some pop-up books and see some books examples. My first reaction was confusion because it was so hard to understand the mechanism and how the pop-up get works, it seemed too complicated and so on the process was so slow from coming up with an Idea, I felt like I’m behind and stuck but after that I got the inspiration and had the idea which is Qatar’s vision for 2022 world cup.

Researching always my favorite part in the project, so I started my research by going throughout the internet and social media and I obtained so many interesting information about Qatar’s vision, and what grab my attention is that the stadiums design summit, I really loved the idea of how each stadiums has a story behind the design. So I decided to choose the stadiums that catch my attention which is AlWakra, AlKhor and QF stadiums.


My illustration was so realistic, I tried as much as I can to capture the real colors it was challenging because each stadiums has a small detail that distinguish it from the other, and it doesn’t take longer than I expected.

The trickiest part was to make them appealing to suit the page, it was a little pit hard but fun at the same time because I learned new techniques and gain some crafting skills. Some experiments were successful and most of them was not, but at the end I reached to the point where I wanted to be and I proud of myself. The pop-up book project was huge and it was not easy, but at the end it worth it. I would like to work with another pop-up but not a book, cards maybe… any way I think most of us accomplish a really good work. 🙂