Final Outcomes & Reflection

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The final outcome for my design, starting with the front of the packaging I did a see through hole at the top, so the person is able to see the Rgag bread when buying it. I chose Avenir for the “Rgag Bread” and Univers for the less important information. For Arabic I chose Tanseek. I wrote Traditional Qatari Bread with a logo to show the audience the idea of this package. Under that I add four words which symbolize (cheese, nutella, honey and egg). On the 2 sides which has the patterns I wrote Rgag Bread in Latin and Arabic. At the back I wrote the ingredients and I also wrote a brief about the tradition of Rgag bread.


I Learned:

  • How to transfer a typography to a local product package design.
  • Practice multisurface communication by mapping information on packages in a 3 dimensional format.
  • Experimentation.
  • Exercise the construction of dielines.
  • Understand how to find and then develop appropriate structures.
  • Type on a surface which is not flat.
  • Respecting typography.
  • How to break the rules.
  • How to communicate your idea with audience.
  • High/Low vernacular.

Choosing the colors & Adding some patterns…




  • I chose two shades of brown for the packaging. The color brown is the traditional color for the Qatari heritage. After that, I realized I have a lot of blank spaces so I decided to put patterns to fill it out. I chose an old Qatari pattern that you see in old doors, mosques and old houses here in Qatar.

Why do I choose two language?

Arabic & Latin

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I chose the two languages Latin and Arabic because they are the most important two languages in Qatar. The people that are interested in Rgag bread are the Arabs, which speaks Arabic and the foreigners, which the majority of them speak English. After I’ve done researches I found out that most Packaging designs in Qatar has these two languages only.

Sketches + Ideas


  • I choose the triangular shape because Rgag bread is folded into this shape.It is thick so it can fit for than one.I created an opener towards the top so the bottom part can be held by hand and the Rgag bread would be inside it. I defined this by doing the top part darker.
  •  I had another idea, because these days’ people do the Rgag bread round and small. I came up with an idea of making a small rounded box the fits more the five piece of bread.

Why do I choose this product?


I choose Rgag bread because it is a traditional food and I want to revival this tradition. I came up with this idea of the packaging to give it an identity.

Rgag bread is a local food that doesn’t have packaging. You usually eat Rgag bread on the go; they put it in a plastic plate. So you would have to eat it at the time. I decided to create a packaging for it, so people are able to eat it for takeaway or they are able to keep it till the next day.





Final Project – Packaging

For the final project we will be packaging a local product by considering the multilingual nature of Qatar, for example: karak, chapati, luqaimat… basically, anything fits within this context.


Each of us went to the grocery looking for different packages. I pay attention to the packages the we could improve and to also something that has never been packaged before. What I observed after this activity is that, we don’t have actually a packages for a local products!


Fish packaging:

  • As you can see in this image of the packaged fish, it is not appealing to the eye. This is due to many aspects of this packaging.
  • We can see the fish solution surrounding it, and how the plastic is suffocating the fish which does not represent a fresh healthy product plastic is not a good material to use when conserving a product with heat. The plastic compounds will go into the fish which is very unhealthy and not safe.


Egg Packaging:

Packaging 1:


  • The plastic does not absorb liquid which is good if an egg breaks.
  • The packaging is not unique and did not capture my eye.


  • The different types of eggs are not clear from the packaging and can be confusing
  • The text is printed on the plastic which when wrinkled is not easy to read


Packaging 2:


  • Easy to identify the different types of eggs due to clear color packaging.
  • Typeface is clearly read unlike the eggs in competition with this.
  • Eggs are carefully packaged to prevent breakage or movement of eggs.


  • Many products are used to package this; which is not good for the Environment

Final outcome & Self-reflection


Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.31.33 PM

The experience that have i have been through and had changed a curtain aspect of my life is my visit to Mecca. The message that I would like this project to depict is that how everyone from different gender, race , nationality and age form rows and stand equally at prayer time without any hierarchy. The idea where everyone in this place came together with the same purpose to unite there call of prayer just show we all are aiming for the same goal which is gods forgiveness.


For the sound I have combined 2 different sounds which are the sound of prayer and the sound of a crowed. I have made the sound of preyed standout because it is the sound that calls the people for prayer. however the sound of the crowed is when people are walking to find themselves a spot to start praying. I have choose a type of prayer that has an echo to provide a dramatic effect and gives space for the foreground sound to appear.

I hope that everyone get the concept and I really like the outcome.The only thing that I wasn’t sure about is to overlapping the type, but eventually it looks interesting. I liked the way  how the project was open, we had the choice to work with aftereffects/premiere, and everyone did what they love or what they comfortable with. Translating a story through a short video wasn’t easy, you have to think about the scenes, colors and choose an appropriate words that translates your story. If I had more time I would work more on  fixing the scale and position of the beginning of the video, and put more effort on it.


Type progress

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.15.05 PM

For my type face I have used around 20 languages and each language represent a curtain country such as kufi who I used to symbolizes the people from Iraq. I have made the type to overlaps and not have any space in between them, I made the font the same way how it is in real life and how it is very cramped and crowded in Mecca. The different thickness of the font itself have changed depending on distance between it an the focal point. The nearer it is the thinner the line gets and the further it is the thicker it gets.